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Come in and see us about our wide range of passenger car tyres. Our tyres suit a range of conditions depending on your needs.   both large & small passenger vehicle.

Wanli H220

  • Size 15”-17”

  • Nice quiet and comfortable tyre

Wanli AS028 SUV Series Tyre

  • Size 16”-19”

  • SUV series

  • Rib design allows for better control in wet and dry conditions

Wanli SA 302 Car Tyre

  • Size 15”-20”

  • High performance

  • Water expelling tread and good all round driving tyre

Wanli S1606 SUV Series Tyre

  • Size 15”-17”

  • SUV series

  • Highway tyre with an open pattern for improved water drainage

Aplus A606 Passenger Tyre

  • Size 12”-16” passenger tyres

  • Delivers good grip on wet and dry roads

Goodride SA07 Car Tyre

  • UHP tyre

  • 16”-20” rim

  • Performance tyres for sedans

  • With silica tech to provide control handling and enhanced cornering.

  • Comes with rim protector

Goodride RP28 Car Tyre

  • Small sedan tyres

  • 13”-16”rim

  • Silica tech for low rolling and fuel efficiency

  • Tread design offers low noise and great water drainage

Aplus A607 Small Car Tyre

  • Size 15”-24”

  • Low profile tyres

  • Special rib segment designed to improve road contact and control

  • Rim protector to prevent damage to rims

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